Thursday, July 21, 2011

Post coming tomorrow...

We moved.

We did it, we made the big move to the big city, and now life has been a state of utter chaos since we made the decision (February... yes, chaos for 6 months).  Now is the unpacking.  With 3 under 5, and boxes up the wazoo, crafty time has been.... put on "hold."

But, I *NEED* to get back to my Stampin' Up! business.  I have wonderful opportunities awaiting here in our new city (Surrey - which I'm quickly falling in love with, by the way), and I'm itching to get crafty again!

Proper post coming sometime tomorrow (before Saturday anyway ;) ), with a couple of pics of samples.

Oh, AND... I finally published my FB fan page.... Go check it out: (shortened url coming too - stupid fb is glitching - heh, what's new?).  Anyway, go "like" me... I need some folks on there! ;)