Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How Cool is this...

That my FIRST post on my new blog (my all Stampin' Up! blog, I might add), is to tell the whole wide world that I won a Stampin' Up! recruiting challenge!??!!?

I have been ITCHING, literally ITCHING, to tell everyone and their dog that I won this challenge... that I am one of 24 very lucky Demonstrators who will be having the CEO and CoFounder of Stampin' Up! Shelli Gardner come to MY TOWN, and put on a workshop WITH ME.  

I found out on Thursday... well, let me rephrase that.  I'd been basically on pins and needles since the end of the competition period (31 Jan) to see if I'd qualified.  But, it said on the site that they'd notify demos on the 5th, and post winners on the 9th.  I got a call from SU! on the 3rd, but when I called back, the guy who called had already gone home, and they had no notes on my file as to what he was calling about.  :P  GRRRR.  LOL  I KNEW it had to do with the challenge, but I wasn't 100%... ack, more waiting!!!!

I called Lynden back at 6.45am PST (my time) on the morning of the 4th (Thursday) which was about 15 minutes after he got into the office.  And guess what he told me????  Yep, that I'd won one of the 3 spots in my category - one of only FOUR in Canada.  SWEEEEEEET!!!!!!  Okay, but I was still half-asleep, I'd just woken up, and so I didn't freak out like I would normally have... I just was really stoked.  :P

Seriously though.

I'm so excited that I earned this challenge, because I've never really done anything like that before.  I'm excited at the prospect of ongoing business as a result, I'm SUPER excited at the prospect of seeing Shelli in action (oh, so wicked!), and I'm so proud of the fact that it wasn't that I was pushy and "selling" the Starter Kit... it was (as was told to me by one of my "new team," JM) that it's my genuine excitement for the Stampin' Up! products that is contagious... and thus why "my" products sell themselves.  Hee hee... yay!
I'm having a Valentine's Card Class this Thursday, here at the new abode, the new SPACE.  :D  *BTW: This new space is going to be painted now... LOL*

Please head over to my Stampin' Up! Demo site to get the details on the class:

Much love,
D. :)


  1. So, so proud of you dinnae, you rock girl. I need to learn off you... oh and I am soooo envious that you will have a workshop with Shelli... I wanna see pix girl xx love u

  2. thanks tan! i'm hoping to get permission to have a friend photograph the workshop... and i'm going to invite our MAYOR!!! cross your fingers for me love! :* miss ya bunches!